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Existential Approach

Existential approach is an invitation to explore the richness and depth of the human being. It is used to show people how it is possible to develop a fuller life and helps to achieve a more vibrant sense of being alive, meet adversity with more confidence, get closer to states of happiness and love, and acknowledge the positive and negative aspects of their life with more clarity.


What is The Existential Approach

The existential approach emphasises the human dimensions of our life. Although we have a physical body, our personality is more than just the sum of our physical parts. Our personality is a result of how we reflect upon the choices we make, the issues we have pending and the talents we have. Sharing these reflections with other people provides an opportunity to gain assistance with deciding what kind of life we want to have now and in the future. Reflection is an important part of taking responsibility for creating our own future.

What Can The Existential Approach Do For You?

The Existential approach focuses on helping people to overcome the burden of anxiety and feelings of isolation. Existential theory strives to assist people to discover what gives meaning to them as an individual, to seek inside themselves to find their inner passion and to extend their decisions to include choices that allow them to make their life become more meaningful. To do this, people must take responsibility for their choices and assume the blame for mistakes without guilt, but with reflection and the acceptance to move forward with confidence.

We are what is intimately entwined with our resources, plans, goals, method of finding meaning in our lives and the way we respond to life’s big questions:

  • How do we live meaningful lives?
  • How will we know that we are doing the right thing when we make our basic choices and commitments?